Setting X-axis and Y-axis properties

You can set chart properties for every chart that you add to a widget.

About this task

The following procedure lists all the X-axis and Y-axis properties for Radar chart.


Complete the following steps to set X-axis and Y-axis properties:

To set properties for X-axis and Y-axis, in the navigation pane of the Chart tab, click Axis, and set the properties that are provided in the following X-axis and Y-axis properties table.
Table 1. X-axis and Y-axis properties
Field User action
Truncate labels after num characters

Where num is the number of characters.

To cut short the labels after certain characters, select the number of characters to be displayed on the chart from Truncate labels after list.
Linear > Min Count Value To define the minimum count value, click any one of the following options under Min Count Value:
  • If you want to set the minimum count value from zero, click Start at 0.
  • If you want to set dynamically according to the data, click Dynamic as per Data.
Logarithmic To define the minimum and maximum count values, complete the following steps:
  • In the Start at field, select or enter a value to start the axis at specific value.
  • In the End at field, select or enter the value to end the axis at specific value.
Invert Y-axis If you want the chart to display the maximum count in the center and minimum count on the outer edge of the chart, select Invert Y-axis checkbox.
Axis Position (in degrees) To specify angular rotation in degrees for the Y-axis, select a value from Axis Position (in degrees) list.