Customizing ICAA installation

Administrators can follow these steps to customize setup.exe for IBM® Client Application Access (ICAA). This customization automatically installs and configures ICAA with minimum user interaction.

Before you begin

  • Obtain and install the InstallShield Tuner for Notes® from IBM Passport Advantage®.
  • Make sure ICAA setup.exe is extracted so that IBMNotes.itw and ICAA MSI are available.

About this task

Administrators can customize installation by using a setup file, for example setup.exe, that is called by the notes.ini setting ConfigFile=name.txt.


  1. Start the Tuner by clicking Start > All Programs > Lotus Applications > InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes.
  2. As prompted, browse to and select the .itw configuration file, for example IBMNotes.itw, and click Open.
  3. Read the Welcome screen and click Create a New Transform in the left pane.
  4. As prompted, browse to and select the .msi file supplied with the ICAA setup.exe install kit, for example IBM Client Application Access.msi.
  5. Accept the default output transform file name, for example IBM Client Application Access.mst, and path.
  6. Do not enable the Transform response checkbox.
  7. Click Create.
  8. In the System Configuration section, click IniFiles.
  9. Right-click Destination Computer, select Show Folder and slide to select CommonAppDataFolder. If CommonAppDataFolder doesn't exist, create the folder structure CommonAppDataFolder\IBM\ICAA\Data.
  10. Expand CommonAppDataFolder to show the ICAA folder.
  11. Right-click the ICAA Data folder and select NewIniFile.
  12. Right-click on the resultant IniFile1.ini and rename it notes.ini.
  13. Right-click on notes.ini and select New Section.
  14. Click the NewSection1 and rename it to Notes.
  15. Click the new Notes section and modify the following values:
    • In the column titled Key, replace New Key with ConfigFile.
    • In the column titled Value, replace New Value with the path to the setup.txt file.
    • Verify that the Action value is Add Line.
  16. In the Application Configuration section, locate the "Setup Properties" subsection, and verify that the value of ApplicationUsers = AllUsers.
  17. Click File > Save.
  18. Exit the InstallShield Tuner for Notes.
  19. Copy the transform file to the installer folder and run the following command to install ICAA:
    setup /s /v"TRANSFORMS=\"IBM Client Application Access.mst\" /qb+"


The notes.ini parameter, ConfigFile= points to a text (.TXT) file that contains the parameters that the wizard needs. For example:

ConfigFile=C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\Data\setup.txt

The wizard reads the text file and completes the setup.

For an example of a setup.txt for on-premises users, see the following:

Username=User Name/Acme
KeyfileName=c:\Program Files\Notes\Data\

The setup.txt for cloud users includes other .ini settings, as shown in the following example:

Username=User Name/Acme
KeyfileName=c:\Program Files\Notes\Data\
SCN.ConfigURL=<URL that points to config.nsf download, e.g.>
Note: For cloud users, the setup.txt file does not require Domino® parameters.

After the client configuration, the user is taken to the URL specified in SCN.ConfigURL to download config.nsf and join SmartCloud® Notes.