Changing server properties in 100Custom.xml

To modify a Process Server or Process Center configuration, update the server's 100Custom.xml file. Here, you can modify the elements that comprise the server configuration, including environment name, repository server information, and Performance Data Warehouse communication methods.

About this task

Although this topic references the 100Custom.xml file, the information applies to any custom configuration file you create, such as 110Custom.xml.
Note: The updateBPMconfig administrative task is available to update the XML configuration files, including the 100Custom.xml file, to provide a single file that has all of the changes applied to the environment. If you have multiple versions of the custom file, such as 101Custom.xml, 102Custom.xml, and so on, then only the 100Custom.xml file is updated.

To update the server configuration properties in the 100Custom.xml file, perform the following steps.


  1. Stop the server for Process Server or Process Center.
  2. Open the original configuration file (for example, PROFILE_HOME\config\cells\cell_name\nodes\node_name\servers\server_name\process-server\config\system\99Local.xml for Process Server or PROFILE_HOME\config\cells\cell_name\nodes\node_name\servers\server_name\process-center\config\system\99Local.xml for Process Center) in a text editor.
  3. Copy the relevant sections from the 99Local.xml file to the 100Custom.xml file and make the necessary changes.
    Note: If you omit a property value where a Boolean type is expected, the property value defaults to false. In the case of some configuration properties (for example, <automatic-schema-management>), if the property is commented out, its value defaults to true.
  4. Save your changes in the 100Custom.xml file.
  5. Start the server for Process Server or Process Center.

What to do next

For examples that show how to apply this procedure for Process Server, see Changing the properties that identify a process server.