Downloading and installing IBM Integration Designer

If you are working in a dedicated subscription instance of IBM® BPM on Cloud and your user ID is configured to access the development environment with tw_author permission, you can download and use IBM Integration Designer.

Before you begin

Ensure that your user ID is configured to access the development environment with the tw_author permission. Your IBM BPM on Cloud account administrator can verify and change your access permissions for you in the BPM Group Management window. Integration Designer is available and supported in dedicated subscription instances.

About this task

You use Integration Designer to build services. Services can be self-contained or can start other services, such as web services.


  1. On a local computer, log in to your dedicated subscription instance of IBM BPM on Cloud. Alternately, you can log in to the main IBM BPM on Cloud site (
  2. Click the Work tab and open the development environment.
  3. From the Process Center component, locate and click the IBM Integration Designer link. If you do not see a link to download Integration Designer, refer to your welcome note and contact the IBM BPM on Cloud support team to enable the link.
    Note: You must be assigned access to the Development Environment and have your permission set to the tw_author level to download and use Integration Designer. If you do not see the development environment, contact the administrator of your instance.
  4. On the IBM Integration Designer Download window, copy the web address that ends in ProcessCenter to use later.
  5. Download Integration Designer.
    1. Click the Download Part 1 link and provide the location to download the file. Refresh your browser.
    2. Click the Download Part 2 link and add the compressed file into the same directory you chose for the Part 1 compressed file. Refresh your browser.
    3. Click the Download Part 3 link and add the compressed file into the same directory you chose for the other compressed files. Refresh your browser.
  6. Extract all of the compressed files into a common directory.
  7. From the launchpad, install the downloaded files by using IBM Installation Manager.
  8. Enable Integration Designer to access the IBM BPM on Cloud instance by installing the IBM BPM on Cloud Authorization Feature.
    1. Import the SSL certificate for the download server into Integration Designer.
      1. Open your web browser and go to You get a security warning if you are visiting this site for the first time because the certificate file for the server is not on your local computer.
      2. Save the certificate file for the download server to your computer by following your browser's procedure for saving certificate files.
      3. Copy the certificate to IIDInstall\jdk\jre\bin, where IIDInstall is the directory where you installed Integration Designer in step 7.
      4. On the command line, switch to the installation directory and run the keytool command:
        keytool.exe -import -v -file download_server_certificate_file -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts
        Enter the keystore password changeit when prompted (changeit is the default password), and y when prompted to trust the certificate.
    2. Start Integration Designer and select Help > Install New Software.
    3. In the Install window, click Add, and enter the following information for the fields in the Edit Site window:
      • Name: IBM BPM on Cloud Authorization Feature
      • Location:
    4. From the Work with list, select the site you added in the previous step. Ensure that the installable items for the feature are selected, and click Next.
    5. Check the summary in the Install Details window and click Next.
    6. In the Review Licenses window, accept the terms and conditions, and click Finish. You might get a security warning because of unsigned content. If you do, click OK to finish the installation.
  9. Restart Integration Designer for your updates to take effect. You are prompted for the Process Center URL. Paste the web address that you copied in step 4, which ends in ProcessCenter. You can also get the Process Center URL from your instance administrator.

What to do next

Follow IBM BPM good practices for development. Also, look at the log files while you are testing to find issues in your applications and remove old instances when they are complete.