IBM BPM on Cloud industry accelerators

If you are working in a dedicated subscription instance of IBM® Business Process Manager on Cloud, industry accelerators are available. Industry accelerators are code assets that contain processes, rules, and data objects that are specific to an industry use case. You can use them to accelerate the time to production.

Though they are not complete end-to-end solutions, industry accelerators are process applications that provide more than demonstrations. You can use industry accelerators as starting points for any kind of solution. For example, you might convert the Retail onboarding process to a healthcare-related process.
Important: Industry accelerators are available in all dedicated subscription instances of IBM BPM on Cloud. Industry accelerators are available as is. IBM does not support, maintain, enhance, or accept defects for industry accelerators.
Table 1. IBM BPM on Cloud industry accelerators
Industry accelerator Primary industry Purpose
MobileFirst Smarter Process Bank Deposits Banking Submitting bank check deposits, ensuring no discrepancies in real time by using a mobile device and Smarter Process software with improved back-office functions.
Claims Subrogation Insurance Seeking reimbursement from the responsible party for a claim that is already paid, collecting documentation, determining liability, and calculating reimbursement.
New Life Insurance Insurance Acquiring new business with underwriting and risk assessment by using business rules, integration into, and IBM BPM deployment of insurance industry models, for example processes, data, and services.
Discharge Readiness Planning Healthcare Improving the coordination of and visibility into changing patient and hospital conditions, allowing practitioners to collaborate and spend more time with patients. The Discharge Readiness Planning industry accelerator focuses on key metrics of patient wait times, discharge rates, and instances of relapse.
Claims Eligibility and Routing Healthcare Handling claims that cannot auto-adjudicate in the previous system. This solution selects the failed claims, routes them to the proper department for fixing, and tracks the claim back to the adjudication system.
Promotional Spend Compliance Healthcare Ensuring that life science (pharmaceutical) companies comply with constantly evolving state and federal regulations through flexible user capabilities. These regulations are related to gifts and payments that are made to physicians and teaching hospitals.
Vendor Onboarding Retail Reducing vulnerability to supply-chain risk by streamlining supplier selection and recruitment. The Vendor Onboarding industry accelerator minimizes waste from inefficient processes, improves productivity, and gets products to market quicker by reducing overall process cycle time.
Vendor Trade Fund Management Retail Enabling retailers seamless interaction with vendors to manage the lifecycle of trade agreements, enhance vendor performance monitoring, reduce costs of manual processes, and increase operational efficiencies.