Creating new tracks in the Process Center console

When you create a process application or a toolkit, IBM® Business Process Manager creates a single default track named Main. After tracks are enabled for a process application or toolkit, you can create additional tracks.

About this task

To create a new track, you must enable tracks and you must use a snapshot as the basis for a new track.

If process applications or toolkits contain IBM BPM Advanced content (later called advanced content), before you create tracks in the Process Center console, ensure that process applications and toolkits are brought into IBM Integration Designer to create the default library and module. For information about the known limitations of working with advanced content in Process Center, see Limitations when working with process applications and toolkits.


  1. Select the Process Apps or Toolkits tab.
  2. Select the process application or toolkit for which you want to create a new track.
  3. If a snapshot does not exist, create one by clicking Create New Snapshot.
  4. Click the New Track option for the snapshot.
    Note: The New Track option is available only if you have enabled tracks for the process application or toolkit.
  5. Enter a name and, optionally, a description, and click Save.
    When you create a new track, the Process Center console displays a drop-down menu for the process application or toolkit that enables you to select the track that you want.
    Note: An acronym is automatically generated for the track. The acronym for the new track is derived from the first character of each word in the track name. For example, if the track name is My New Track, an acronym of MNT is automatically generated. The acronym is used to differentiate multiple versions of a process application snapshot or toolkit. For more information, see "Naming conventions".
  6. To access the new track, click the Tracks drop-down menu and select the track that you want.
  7. To open the new track in the Designer in IBM Process Designer, click Open <name of track> in Designer.