What's new in IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.7 cumulative fix 2017.06

IBM® Business Process Manager V8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.06, which is now available for you to download and upgrade to, introduces many new features.

Update to IBM BPM V8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.06 to experience all of the highlights, such as these added abilities and improvements:

  • Develop user interfaces more easily

    The BPM UI toolkit, which is based on the Salient Process SPARK UI toolkit, is now available with IBM BPM CF2017.06 to help you more easily develop even better user interfaces. This toolkit provides many powerful controls, including charting controls with bidirectional support. Plus, it is fully integrated with the web IBM Process Designer so you can benefit from various functions, such the ability to preview controls in the graphical theme editor.

    The BPM UI toolkit is now the default toolkit. It provides equivalent controls to the legacy UI toolkits and includes many new controls. Although the Coaches and Responsive Coaches toolkits are deprecated, coaches that use these toolkits still work. Use the new BPM UI controls for new development and to replace existing coach implementations as required. To become familiar with the controls in the new toolkit, explore the Discover BPM UI sample. For more information, see Controls in the BPM UI toolkit.

    Furthermore, for coaching and troubleshooting assistance, IBM BPM now provides guidance as you develop and test your coach-based user interfaces to ensure optimal UI performance. For more information, see Accessing coach performance statistics.

  • Get usage metrics by using IBM Cloud Product Insights

    To get various usage metrics, you can register your IBM BPM instances with Cloud Product Insights. For more information, see Getting server usage metrics by using IBM Cloud Product Insights. For more information about Cloud Product Insights, see Getting started with Product Insights.

  • Determine artifact usage in the web Process Designer

    When you work with an artifact in the web Process Designer, it is useful to know where the artifact is used so that you can see the impact of potential changes that you want to make. For example, before you change a business object in a process application, you can see the processes and services in that process application that use the business object. Use the web Process Designer References feature to view the artifacts in the current process application that use a particular library item and also the artifacts that the library item uses. For more information, see Determining artifact usage.

  • Experience enhanced abilities to discover and integrate services in the web Process Designer
    In the web Process Designer, you can discover and integrate services in an IBM BPM process service flow:
    • A new tutorial explains how to integrate an external IBM Blockchain service that is defined by using Hyperledger Composer in a business process as a REST service. For more information, see Invoking a REST API service.
    • Drag a service from the library onto a service flow diagram. For more information, see Adding a service from the library.
    • IBM Operational Decision Manager business rules. For more information, see Using IBM ODM business rules.

IBM Process Federation Server
  • Import saved searches from federated IBM BPM systems into Process Federation Server

    By using the Process Federation Server Saved Search Transfer REST API, you can now export saved searches from federated IBM BPM systems and import them into Process Federation Server. For more information, see Importing saved searches into Process Federation Server.

Use IBM BPM V8.5.7 in new environments

For more information about supported configurations, see the IBM BPM support site: