What's new in IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.7 cumulative fix 2017.03

IBM® Business Process Manager V8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.03, which is available for you to download and upgrade to, introduces many new features.

Update to IBM BPM V8.5.7 Cumulative Fix 2017.03 to experience all of the highlights, such as these added abilities and improvements:

IBM BPM on Cloud
  • Experience a new ticketing system for interacting with the IBM BPM on Cloud operations team

    The new ticketing system replaces the previous email-based interactions. Previously, you had to open requests for operations support by sending an email. Now, you open and track operations requests through the IBM Client Success Portal instead. For more information, see Getting support for IBM BPM on Cloud.

  • React quicker to stability issues in your IBM BPM on Cloud operating environments

    Previously, if you were experiencing stability issues in your IBM BPM on Cloud process runtime and clustered environments, you needed to contact the IBM BPM on Cloud support team. You can now stabilize an environment yourself by restarting the server for the environment. For more information, see Restarting an IBM BPM on Cloud server.

  • Do more when you use the web IBM Process Designer
    To facilitate migration from the desktop Process Designer, you can now work with heritage human services in the web Process Designer.
    • If you need help to determine which artifacts you should use to create or modify a user interface in the web Process Designer, see Which artifacts should I use?
    • When you edit heritage human services in the web Process Designer, you have access to responsive coaches, grid layout, and a simpler coach data validation pattern. For more information, see Building a heritage human service.

  • Subscribe to Blueworks Live processes through Process Designer

    You can now subscribe to Blueworks Live processes through the web Process Designer as well as through the desktop Process Designer. For each IBM Blueworks Live process that you subscribe to through the web Process Designer, a process is created. For more information, see Subscribing to Blueworks Live processes in the web Process Designer.

  • Never lose your changes in the web Process Designer

    Now you can use the new configurable option in the web Process Designer that saves changes as you make them. If there is a browser crash, your changes are preserved. For more information, see Editing artifacts in Process Designer.

  • Use the new event framework and tools for coach views to develop events

    IBM BPM features a new event framework for coach views that is based on the event framework of the Salient Process SPARK UI toolkit. Using the new event framework and tools, you can develop user-defined events for custom coach views and SPARK UI toolkit coach views that leverage the programming extensions of the framework. The new event framework offers a consistent approach for validation, formula-based computation, and interaction for coach views. It also provides tools for intuitively expressing your business logic and attaching it to control-specific events to create an interactive end-user experience. You can add event handlers to your custom coach views. The event handlers can react to numerous types of events, regardless of whether the events are triggered programmatically or by devices or user actions. For more information about the new event framework and tools for coach views, see User-defined events.

  • Use the vertical alignment property in the grid layout for coaches and coach views

    Using this new property, you can control the vertical alignment of content in a selected container or grid cell, such as the grid cells in a container or the layout items in a grid cell. For more information, see Laying out a coach or coach view using the grid layout.

  • Delete orphaned snapshots on your server

    When you want to delete snapshots from your server, use the new BPMShowOrphanedTookits command to return a list of toolkit snapshots that no other process apps or toolkits refer to. Using this list as a reference, you know what snapshots can be deleted. For more information, see BPMShowOrphanedToolkits wsadmin command.

  • Use the lightweight trace for Event Manager to help diagnose problems while processing BPDs and service flows

    Configure the new lightweight trace specifications for Event Manager to specify the trace information that you want output to the logs. You can subsequently use the logs to help diagnose problems while processing UCA schedules and subscription and message events associated with business process definitions (BPDs) and service flows. The trace information in the logs can include the execution times of the various steps in a BPD or service engine, such as the time when a BPD or service flow starts and stops and the amount of time that it takes to complete. The trace information can also include a record of the changes to variables throughout the execution of a process. The logged trace information can also help to identify steps that do not meet their performance goals (such as service invocations) and reduce or eliminate the need to add custom application-level logging to process applications. For more information, see Troubleshooting business process definitions and service flows.

  • Control the warning limits for variable sizes of BPDs and service flows

    You can now use settings in configuration XML files to specify warning limits for the variable sizes of business process definitions (BPD) and service flows. For example, the new saved-symbol-table-size setting and its soft child element specify a warning limit for execution contexts that include variable tables. The warning limit check is performed whenever an activity is completed in a BPD or process or a step is completed in a service flow.

    You can override the default warning limit for this setting and the related settings by adding them to the 100Custom.xml file. By overriding warning limits, you can find the BPD, process and activity, or service flow and step name that causes large arrays or large values or that uses an excessive number of variables to troubleshoot out-of-memory exceptions on servers. For more information, see Controlling warning limits for variable sizes of BPDs and service flows.

  • Manage Event Manager tasks that are on hold because they failed

    In addition to being able to replay Event Manager tasks that are on hold, now you can also use wsadmin commands and REST APIs to list and delete Event Manager tasks that are on hold. For more information, see Managing on-hold Event Manager tasks.

IBM Process Federation Server
  • Enable quick start mode

    To make indexed tasks available faster, you can now choose to have the indexers process only tasks for which change log entries are newer than a specified date, so only those tasks are indexed or reindexed. To know how to enable the quick start mode, see Enabling the quick start mode.

  • Sort out saved search results in alphabetical order

    You can now create and run saved searches that return results in alphabetical order.

Use IBM BPM V8.5.7 in new environments

For more information about supported configurations, see the IBM BPM support site: