IBM Business Process Manager

IBM® Business Process Manager is a comprehensive business process management (BPM) platform giving you visibility and insight to manage business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager enables the deployment of processes that span people, systems, applications, tasks, rules, and the interactions among them. It supports both long-running and short-running business processes, providing transaction rollback-like functionality for loosely coupled business processes.

Business Monitor is highly complementary to IBM BPM, providing the basis for end-to-end visibility across both BPMN and BPEL processes running exclusively within IBM BPM, as well as those extended processes that span beyond the boundary of the BPM system.

Monitor models can be automatically generated for your BPMN process applications from IBM Process Designer. A process application can have one generated monitor model, which tracks all process instances for which monitoring was enabled. In addition, you can use IBM Integration Designer to develop custom monitor models that consume the events from one or more process applications.
Restriction: The way a custom monitor model is initially generated in IBM Integration Designer does not support migrating process instances from one snapshot to another snapshot while using the same monitor model version.
The Enable process monitoring through IBM Business Monitor option (available on the Process Apps Settings page of IBM Process Designer) determines whether a process application uses IBM Business Monitor for process monitoring.
  • On the Process Center server, this option is used in conjunction with the File > Update Tracking Definitions menu item to generate a monitor model that matches the tracking definitions in the current version of the process.
  • On a process server, this option is used to automatically generate a monitor model that includes the tracking definitions in a snapshot when that snapshot is installed.
In both cases, the generated monitor model is deployed and started automatically so that processes are monitored as soon as they start or are played back.