BPMRemoveToolkit command

This command removes a toolkit and all of its snapshots from the Process Center server.

Use the BPMRemoveToolkit command in connected mode to remove a process application from Process Center. You can run this command only on Process Center.

The BPMRemoveToolkit command is run using the AdminTask object of the wsadmin scripting client.


Note: In an environment with multiple security domains configured, use the PALService MBean instead of this wsadmin command. See The Process Application LifeCycle (PAL) MBean.
The following conditions must be met:
  • In a network deployment environment, you must run this command on the node containing the application cluster member that handles Process Center applications. Do not run this command from the deployment manager profile. The input file is read from the machine on which the connected server is running. If you want to access the file from another machine, establish a remote wsadmin session from the current machine to the server on the machine where the file is stored.
  • The toolkit must be in an archived state before you run this command.
Note: If you are using a SOAP connection, the command can take longer to complete than the specified SOAP timeout value. Although the command continues to run until it is finished, you might see the exception java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out. To prevent this exception, set a higher value for the com.ibm.SOAP.requestTimeout property in the profile_root/properties/soap.client.props file.


Start the wsadmin scripting client from the profile_root/bin directory.


-containerAcronym toolkit_acronym


-containerAcronym String
A required parameter that identifies the toolkit to be removed using its acronym.


The following example illustrates how to establish a SOAP connection to the Process Center server, and then remove the My Company Toolkit.
Important: In a network deployment environment, use the port configured for the application cluster member that runs the Process Server or Process Center applications. To determine the correct port number, see the WebSphere administrative console Ports collection page (click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name > Communications > Ports and find the value for SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS).
wsadmin -conntype SOAP -port 8880 -host ProcessServer01.mycompany.com -user admin -password admin -lang jython

wsadmin>AdminTask.BPMSRemoveToolkit('[-containerAcronym MYCOTK]')