Migrating and upgrading your IBM BPM environment

Migrating refers to the process of moving applications and configuration information from an earlier version of a product to a later version of the product, or from one product to a different product. Upgrading refers to the process of installing a new release of the product on top of the previous release and updating the existing installation, configuration, and database in place.

About this task

You are migrating when you:
  • Move to the same version (IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.6.0) on new hardware
  • Move to IBM BPM V8.6.0 from:
    • IBM BPM earlier than V8.5.0
    • WebSphere® Process Server
    • WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
You are upgrading when you:
  • Update your IBM BPM (BPM) product installation from V8.5.0, V8.5.5, V8.5.6, or V8.5.7 to V8.6.0.
  • Change your deployment environment from Standard to Advanced
Important: When you migrate, the Heritage Process Portal application is replaced in your profiles. If you previously added any customizations to the process application in Process Designer (for example, an IBM Connections server or an IBM Sametime server), and you still want to use those servers, you must complete the following tasks:
  1. Define the servers again in the new version of the Heritage Process Portal application.
  2. Create a snapshot.
  3. Activate the snapshot on Process Center.
  4. Install the snapshot on Process Server.