Deleting old data from the Performance Data Warehouse database

You can use the Process Admin Console or a REST API call to delete old data from the Performance Data Warehouse database. You can only perform this operation if your user ID is a member of the administrator group.

Using the Process Admin Console

  1. Click Server Admin > IBM BPM Admin > Health Management.
  2. Select the command Prune PDW.
  3. Specify the minimum age, in days, of the data to delete.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. After the request is submitted, you can check the progress of the removal in the system log.

Using a REST API call

Call the BPM operations REST API POST https://host:port/ops/std/bpm/pdw/prune.

Remember: For IBM® BPM on Cloud, the operations REST APIs have the following URL,, where environment has the value dev for the development system, test for the test system, or run for the production (runtime) system.
The following example illustrates how to use the API to delete data that is more than 30 days old, based on the current server time.
POST https://host:port/ops/std/bpm/pdw/prune?age=30
Important: All calls to the IBM BPM operations REST API require that the HTTP header BPMCSRFToken is set with every request. For information about how to obtain a token, see Preventing cross site request forgery.
Tip: For more details about the BPM operations REST APIs and to try invoking them from a browser, use the Swagger interface. The Swagger interface is available at the URL https://server:port/ops/explorer Where server is the host name of your BPM server and port is the port number that is used by the BPM server. For example, https://localhost:9443/ops/explorer