Enabling JavaScript debugging for coaches

For debugging purposes, you can set your coaches and coach views to use the readable versions of Dojo and the Coach framework JavaScript.

Before you begin

JavaScript debugging must be configured on the application server instance where IBM® Business Process Manager is installed.

About this task

IBM Business Process Manager normally uses the compressed version of Dojo and the Coach framework files. However, the files in these versions are not readable. When you set IBM Business Process Manager to use the readable Dojo and the Coach framework JavaScript, it uses the uncompressed version of these files.


  1. Open the administrative console and click Resources > Resource Environment > Resource Environment Provider
  2. On the Resource environment providers page, click Mashups_ConfigService.
  3. Under Additional Properties, click Custom properties. The list of custom properties opens.
  4. Click isDebug, change the Value field to true, and then click OK.
  5. Save your changes to the master configuration.
  6. Restart the application server instance.


You can see the uncompressed and readable Dojo and Coach framework JavaScript in your browser debugger.