Process Designer

To model your process, you can use the newer web Process Designer in a browser or the traditional Process Designer on your desktop.

IBM BPM version 8570 cumulative fix 2017.03Note: The desktop Process Designer is deprecated. Use the web Process Designer.

In web Process Designer, you create Processes and in the eclipse-based desktop editor, you create business process definitions (BPDs). Processes contain the function of BPDs and also include case management function that was previously available in case types. There are other differences between BPDs and processes. See A comparison of processes and business process definitions (BPDs).

When you work in the web Process Designer, you are using newer technology. You can create responsive interfaces by using client-side human services and responsive coaches. While you can use client-side human services in BPDs, it is easier to use processes so that you don't need to switch between the web and desktop editors.

If you upgraded to IBM® BPM 8.5.7 to get on the most current service level but are not immediately planning to use the new capabilities of IBM BPM 8.5.7 in your applications, you can continue to use the eclipse-based desktop IBM Process Designer.

If you are creating a new application and intend to use the new capabilities such as responsive user interfaces, enhanced case management or IBM BPM version 8570 cumulative fix 2016.09service flows, you must use the web Process Designer. Most likely, you will use it in combination with the desktop Process Designer. You can create most of the artifacts in the web editor, but there are some artifacts that you can edit only in the desktop editor. For example, you can view and select under cover agents in the web editor, but to create new under cover agents you must use the desktop editor. The two editors are integrated through the Process Center and the correct desktop or web editor opens seamlessly when you click an artifact.

If you are working in the desktop Process Designer and you open an artifact that is created in the web Process Designer, for example a process, the web Process Designer is launched and the artifact is opened in the web editor.

If you have Process Designer open on your desktop and you are working in the web editor opened from the desktop Process Designer, you can edit certain artifacts in the desktop editor. When you click the artifacts in the web editor, they open in the desktop editor so that you can edit them.

Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same process applications and artifacts in the two editors and changes happen automatically and seamlessly.

When you click the Open in Designer link in Process Center, the web editor opens by default. To open a process application in the desktop editor, you must launch Process Center from the desktop Process Designer.
Note: If you launch the web Process Designer from the desktop Process Designer, you cannot switch to the Process Center from the web Process Designer. You must return to the desktop Process Designer and open the Process Center from there.