Registering Process Centers and sharing toolkits

When you register two Process Centers with each other, you can share toolkits with other users, or subscribe to toolkits that other users share.

You can share toolkits with other users, even if those users are working in a different Process Center. You no longer need to first export the toolkits from one Process Center and then import them into another Process Center.

To share toolkits between the two Process Centers, the various participants complete the following tasks:
  1. An administrator enables both Process Centers for sharing.
  2. An administrator registers the Process Center that accesses the shared toolkit.
  3. The author of the toolkit that will be shared selects a snapshot of that toolkit and releases it.
  4. The author of the toolkit that will be shared selects that toolkit and shares it with other Process Centers, enabling that toolkit to be shared with any Process Center that is registered to the sharing Process Center.
    Restriction: The shared toolkit is downloaded to the subscribing Process Center as a read-only copy. The subscriber cannot modify or share the subscribed toolkit.

After a toolkit is shared, events are synchronized and snapshots are released automatically once every 24 hours. The sharing Process Center is notified when a shared toolkit is being used on the a registered Process Center. The subscribing Process Center is notified of new released snapshots as well as the state of the shared toolkits.