Topology patterns and supported product features

A topology is the physical layout of the deployment environment. The product features and default usage depends on your choice of topology pattern.

If you are using the Deployment Environment Configuration wizard on the administrative console to create the deployment environment, the availability of topology patterns on which you base your deployment environment varies depending on the following conditions and configuration decisions:
  • The operating system on which you have installed IBM® Business Process Manager
  • The primary deployment environment feature and the complimentary feature
The information in Table 1 shows the relationship between the topology patterns and product features.
Table 1. Available supplied patterns and their relationship to product features
Topology pattern Number of clusters Description Supported BPM products and features
Single Cluster 1 Messaging, application deployment target, and application support functions are contained in a single cluster. This topology pattern is useful for synchronous messaging, proof of concept, or application testing environments.

A Single Cluster topology pattern is ideal for limited hardware. Because all of the components are installed in the same cluster, fewer physical machines are required.

Supported by the following product:
  • IBM Business Process Manager

    Advanced and Standard configurations

Application, Remote Messaging, and Remote Support 3 This topology pattern defines one cluster for application deployment, one remote cluster for the messaging infrastructure, and one remote cluster for supporting applications. Supported by the following product:
  • IBM Business Process Manager

    Advanced and Standard configurations

Configurable components for each configuration

When you install the various configurations of IBM Business Process Manager, certain components are visible to you during the installation and configuration process. For network deployment, these components can be in one cluster or in multiple clusters.

Table 2 shows the components for each of the different configurations.
Table 2. IBM Business Process Manager components
Component Advanced Standard Express
Process Server X X X
Performance Data Warehouse X X X
Common database X    
Service Component Architecture (SCA) X    
Business Space X X X
Process Portal X X X
Business Process Choreographer X    
Business Process Choreographer Explorer X    
IBM BPM messaging engine (service integration bus) X X X
Case Management (additional license, optional installation) X