Configuration commands (wsadmin)

If you did not create a stand-alone profile or run one of the configuration wizards to configure the components, you can configure IBM® Business Monitor using the WebSphere command-line administration tool (wsadmin). You can use the Jython or Jacl scripting language.

In a single-server environment, these commands are run for you when you create the stand-alone profile. For a network deployment (ND) environment, these commands are run when you create a deployment environment or run the configuration wizard to configure the required IBM Business Monitor components.

To configure IBM Business Monitor, each of the following commands is used:
  • wbmDeployCEIEventService to create and configure the CEI event service and its required resources for receiving and sending events
  • wbmConfigureEventEmitterFactory to configure the outbound event emitter factory for sending events
  • wbmDeployMessagingEngine to install and configure the messaging engine and service integration bus
  • wbmDeployActionServices to install and configure the action services for invoking actions
  • wbmDeployScheduledServices to install and configure the Monitor scheduled services for scheduling recurring services

  • wbmDeployEventEmitterServices to install and configure the JMS and REST event emitter services
  • wbmDeployBPMEmitterServices to install and configure the BPM emitter service for use by IBM BPM
  • wbmDeployCognosService to install the IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence service for multidimensional analysis, or wbmSetCognosDispatcher to point to an IBM Cognos BI service that is already installed
  • wbmSetCognosDatabaseUser to set the IBM Cognos BI content store database password, and wbmSetCognosAdminUser to set the IBM Cognos BI administrator password.

If you run one of these commands, you must save the changes before exiting wsadmin and then synchronize the nodes (in an ND environment). For more information about how to run wsadmin commands, see Configuring the environment using wsadmin commands. The parameters for each wsadmin command are listed on the following pages: