Simulating and optimizing processes

IBM® Business Process Manager Optimizer is a tool designed to help you understand and refine the process models that you develop in IBM BPM.

IBM BPM Optimizer enables you to:

The Optimizer provides a variety of analysis scenarios, ranging from simple simulations to validate your overall process modeling strategy to advanced what-if comparative analyses.

IBM BPM Optimizer enables you to... Benefit
Simulate process performance Understand process design issues that could affect performance before process implementation
Identify bottlenecks and other issues Optimize processes already in production
Compare actual process performance to simulations Analyze how well your processes are doing compared to the goals that you set
Compare simulations to historical performance data Analyze what would happen if you made specific changes to your processes
Simultaneously analyze multiple processes from a single or multiple process applications
  • Identify resources that are over or under-utilized across processes and applications
  • Compare performance from month to month or quarter to quarter for specific sets of processes
  • Experiment with the performance of multiple processes by simulating the addition of resources to one or more teams and finding the best results across processes and workloads