Creating and maintaining saved searches for Process Portal

Saved searches enable you to provide Process Portal users with customized views of their tasks, for example, to include specific business data. Saved searches are displayed in the Saved Searches tab of the Process Portal interface.

About this task

In addition, the Tasks and Processes widgets in Business Space use saved searches to list process instances, tasks, and IBM® Case Manager work items.

The Saved Search Admin BPM system application (SSA) contains the human service that allows users to create saved searches. The human service is exposed as an administrative service, in order for it to appear within the Process Admin console.

Admin users in Process Portal see saved search results for all users (results are not filtered based on the current admin user).

A saved search with a filter on USER_NAME filters all unclaimed tasks, independent of the operator. A filter on USER_NAME != 'LSW_NO_BODY_LSW' returns only claimed tasks of the current user.


  1. In the Server Admin area of the Process Admin Console, click Saved Search Admin.
  2. Create a saved search.
    1. In the Select Search: section, select Define New Search, click Select, and give the saved search a name.
    2. Choose the columns that are displayed in the search results by clicking Add in the Columns: section.
    3. Set the search conditions by clicking Add in the Conditions: section. The search conditions determine which tasks are shown in the Saved Searches tab in Process Portal.
    4. Select the columns by which to sort the results, and the sort order.
    5. To return all the tasks that match the search criteria, from the Search Organized By list, select Task. If you select ProcessInstance from the list, only the first task of the process instance that matches the search criteria is returned.
      Restriction: In Process Portal, users do not see a search box for saved searches that are organized by process instance.
    6. Test the search to make sure it returns the results that you were expecting by clicking Search.
    7. Click Save New Search to make the search available in Process Portal and Business Space.
  3. Update an existing saved search. Select a search from the list. In the Select Search: section, and click Select. Update the search criteria, and save the search.


Process Portal users see the new or updated saved search the next time their Saved Searches content is refreshed.