IBM Business Process Manager Healthcare Pack, Version 7.5 Operating System: Windows

Business Process Manager Healthcare Pack Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture describes all the assets and standards included with the IBM Business Process Manager Healthcare Pack.

The Healthcare industry is segmented around providers of Healthcare, payers for Healthcare services, and Pharmaceutical companies. The BPM Healthcare Pack supports business processes across the health plans or Healthcare payers. In the U.S., payers collect premiums from employers and employees, and then process, adjudicate, and pay claims submitted by providers. Outside the U.S., payers are largely government agencies that employ providers or reimburse providers for services rendered.

The BPM Healthcare Pack focuses on business areas such as Member & Sponsor Management, Customer Acquisition, Plan Management, Provider Management, Claims Operations, Sales, and Marketing. The BPM Healthcare Pack is a core offering from IBM's Health Integration Framework.

The following figure explains the instantiation of the Reference Architecture for the BPM Healthcare Pack.

Figure 1. BPM Healthcare Pack Reference Architecture
BPM Healthcare Pack Reference Architecture

The BPM Healthcare Pack provides improvements for healthcare enterprises. It consists of Healthcare-specific prebuilt assets that provide the ability to jumpstart the Healthcare Solution Development.


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