IBM BigInsights

Introduction to BigInsights

BigInsights® is a software platform for discovering, analyzing, and visualizing data from disparate sources. You use this software to help process and analyze the volume, variety, and velocity of data that continually enters your organization every day.

BigInsights helps your organization to understand and analyze massive volumes of unstructured information as easily as smaller volumes of information. The flexible platform is built on an Apache Hadoop open source framework that runs in parallel on commonly available, low-cost hardware. You can easily scale the platform to analyze hundreds of terabytes, petabytes, or more of raw data that is derived from various sources. As information grows, you add more hardware to support the influx of data.

BigInsights helps application developers, data scientists, and administrators in your organization quickly build and deploy custom analytics to capture insight from data. This data is often integrated into existing databases, data warehouses, and business intelligence infrastructure. By using BigInsights, users can extract new insights from this data to enhance knowledge of your business. For more information about the IBM Open Source Platform, see Installing IBM Open Source Platorm for Apache Hadoop.

BigInsights incorporates tooling and value-add services for numerous users, speeding time to value and simplifying development and maintenance:
  • Software developers can use the value-add services that are provided to develop custom text analytic functions to analyze loosely structured or largely unstructured text data.
  • Data scientists and business analysts can use the data analysis tools within the value-add services to explore and work with unstructured data in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment.