IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Version 3.0

IBM Big SQL Reference

IBM® Big SQL is one of two connection environments to help you query data that is stored on an InfoSphere® BigInsights™ Hadoop cluster. Use the latest functions of Big SQL to access a variety of data sources, such as delimited files, Parquet, Avro, JSON, and sequence files. Big SQL includes support for SQL Procedural Language (SQL PL), stored procedures, and functions and it uses advanced IBM SQL compiler and runtime technologies to improve performance.

Using Big SQL with your local database

Use standard SQL and the DDL in IBM Big SQL to create and query tables whose data is stored in a distributed file system. Big SQL uses the local database catalogs, as well as the Hive metastore to complete the SQL processing.

This reference guides you through the extended database language elements that you can use along with your local database reference.

For help determining which IBM Big SQL edition that you should use, see Which version of Big SQL should you use.