Content of this document

This document describes concepts and activities, which are necessary to set up an SAP on Db2 for z/OS® system, which runs highly available as part of a Business Continuity solution based on the IBM Z® System Automation product and GDPS®.

Introducing high availability and automation for SAP through Planning for high availability for SAP

This part of the document provides general information and planning considerations for high availability in an SAP environment.

Network characteristics for high availability .

This information unit describes a highly available network that is established for testing and makes general recommendations concerning network setup. It also discusses the implementation of a high availability solution as it affects the client/server configuration and addresses timeout considerations.

Concepts for a high availability SAP solution through Customizing SAP for high availability

This part of the document discusses the components of the architecture, including considerations for SAP Central Services (SCS), network, file system, database, information on remote application servers and Db2® connection failover. It offers scenarios showing different high availability implementations and also gives information on planning for high availability implementation, with considerations for Db2, network, file system, IBM Z System Automation, and SAP installation. Finally, it describes what is needed to adapt the SAP system to the high availability solution, including configuring SAP for SCS and for IBM Z System Automation.

Customizing IBM Z System Automation.

This part of the document discusses the customization of IBM Z System Automation. It also discusses change management strategies when you update and upgrade system components.

Verifying your implementation on z/OS.

This part of the document contains procedures and checklists, which allow you to verify that the high-availability implementation and the customization of IBM Z System Automation is correct.

Operating an SAP system under System Automation control.

This information unit describes how to perform daily tasks on and manage changes to your SAP system with IBM Z System Automation. It also contains information on how to check the replication status to determine whether the enqueue table is completely replicated after a replication server restart.

Enqueue replication into a IBM Z coupling facility.

Besides the standard SAP enqueue replication, an additional replication mechanism is available for SAP on IBM Z. This information describes the business continuity aspects of this additional replication mechanism, and how it can be integrated into an existing Business Continuity setup for SAP.

Reference of the z/OS high availability scripts.

This information unit describes all automation scripts that are used in the current edition of this publication. For each script, its purpose, the invocation syntax, and an explanation of the parameters is provided. Also, you can read how to obtain the scripts.

Sample network setup and miscellaneous migration considerations.

This topic contains miscellaneous information in two subtopics. The first subtopic outlines a highly available network that was part of a test implementation of a business continuity solution for SAP on Db2. The second subtopic presents migration hints and tips on NFSv4 migration and SAP IBM Z System Automation policy migration, and also presents helpful hints and tips on Linux for SLES 12.