Configuring EDS for Case Client

To use external data with your solution, you must implement the external data service.


To configure EDS:

  1. Import the EDS Solution. Say, “EDS_001”.
  2. From the BAStudio, select the solution and click Advanced context menu.
  3. Select the solution and click Actions→ Register External Data Service.
  4. Register External Data Service with the URL:
  5. Click Next.
  6. Review the External Data Services to register and click Finish.
  7. After the EDS is successfully registered, import the EDS Server certificate.
    Run the steps in
  8. Run the EDS Solution, you are able to see the external data successfully.
  9. Optional: If the EDS application is configured with a secured login, then do the following configuration:
    1. From the WebSphere, select the EDS application → Security role to user/group mapping and map the All Authenticated role to the special subject All Authenticated in Application's Realm.
    2. Restart the EDS application.