Accessing the IBM Business Automation Workflow documentation offline (deprecated)

Business Automation Workflow links to the current version of the online documentation. If you need to work offline, you must download the documentation files, install them in a local folder and redirect the help requests to the local documentation.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites must be met:
  • To perform this task, your user ID must be associated with the Administrator role.
  • A working Internet connection is required to download the documentation files.

About this task

The documentation for Business Automation Workflow is available at the IBM Business Automation Workflow documentation. When you launch a help topic from the Business Automation Workflow product, you are using this site to access the current version of this information. For example, if you click the Help link, the help topic is launched in the external documentation. If you want to work offline, you need to download the documentation files to a local folder and redirect the help requests to the local documentation. When there is a new release of the product, you need to update your installed documentation files to keep it current.


To use the Business Automation Workflow documentation files from a local folder, follow these steps.

  1. Download the Business Automation Workflow documentation. For details, see IBM® Business Automation Workflow IBM Business Automation Workflow documentation download.
  2. In every Business Automation Workflow installation that hosts application cluster members of your deployment environment, unzip the content to the <install_root>/BPM/KnowledgeCenter/ folder. If files with the same names are detected in the destination folder, replace the existing files.
    Make sure the KnowledgeCenter folder is not repeated. For example:
    • Correct path: <install_root>/BPM/KnowledgeCenter/
    • Incorrect path: <install_root>/BPM/KnowledgeCenter/KnowledgeCenter/
  3. If the <install_root>/temp/KnowledgeCenter/runtime/index folder exists, delete it so that the search index will be rebuilt with the newly installed content.
  4. Delete the external documentation endpoint by using the deleteBPMEndpoint command on the deployment manager:
    AdminTask.deleteBPMEndpoint( [ '-scenario', 'PUBLIC_KC' ] )
    For more information, see deleteBPMEndpoint command.

    When you click a help link from Business Automation Workflow, the help topic is launched from the local folder where you downloaded the documentation files.

  5. To switch back to the online documentation, on the deployment manager, use the setBPMEndpoint command:
    AdminTask.setBPMEndpoint( [ '-scenario', 'PUBLIC_KC', '-url', '' ]
    For Business Automation Workflow version, use the following command:
    AdminTask.setBPMEndpoint( [ '-scenario', 'PUBLIC_KC', '-url', '' ]
    For more information, see setBPMEndpoint command.