Assigning work

Some user roles are set to reassign work items from one user to another in Case Client. These users can also reassign multiple work items in a single action.

About this task

If you are logged in as a user with the correct role preset in the application, such as the Supervisor role, you can do the following actions:
  • View work that is assigned to individual users and reassign multiple work items to other users in one action.
  • Verify that users in certain user roles cannot assign work to others.
  • Complete work assignments by user role and from the LDAP directory.
If you have the appropriate permissions, you must know the following information when you assign work items:
  • What user to log in as to be able to assign work items.
  • The work items that you want to reassign. Case Client shows all in-baskets that are associated with a role, and these in-baskets contain the work items. If the application was designed to include the All Assigned Work Items in-basket, then you also see an in-basket that contains all work that is assigned to users.
  • The user that you want to reassign work items to. You can use one of the following methods find and select users, depending on the application design:
    • Search in the directory service provider by selecting the Search All Users option.
    • Select a role, and then select a user that is assigned to a specific role. If you have permissions to modify role membership, the list of roles includes all roles. If you do not have modify permissions, then the list only includes roles that you belong to.
    Restriction: When you assign work by selecting a role, you see all users in a role and you can filter the list of users. However, you cannot search for users across roles.
  • Whether to assign one or more work items from one user to another. You can select a list of work items in any in-basket for the Reassign, Move item to Personal In-basket or Return Item actions. These actions are shown only if you have a role that has the appropriate permissions to do these actions.


To assign work items:

  1. Log in to Case Client as a user with a role to reassign work items, such as the Supervisor role.
  2. From the In-basket page, determine which work items you want to reassign. Find the in-basket that contains the work items.
  3. Select the work items and click Reassign.
  4. Select a user in a specific role or search for a user name.
    Option Description
    To assign the item to a user in a specific role Select a role from the Roles section of the Reassign items dialog box, and select a user from the list of users in that role.
    To search for a user name
    • Click Search for a user.
    • Enter the search criteria for the user name.
    • Click Search.
    • Select a user from the results list.
  5. Click OK.
    Multiple work items are reassigned to the specified user.
  6. Refresh the in-basket of the selected user to see the new work items.