Search Pending VEU Tasks

Distributed Electronic Signature (VEU) enables you to transmit data remotely to multiple subscribers. Multiple subscribers can authorize orders remotely, independent of time and space.

Before you begin

To search the pending VEU tasks, an EBICS Client user must submit an HVU (download VEU overview) or an HVZ (download VEU overview with additional information, for example, hash value) order type.

About this task

Complete the following steps to search the pending VEU tasks:


  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client.
  2. From the User Menu, select Viewers > Pending VEU Tasks.
  3. In the Pending VEU tasks page, specify the values for the fields listed in the following table and click Search.
    Field Description
    Partner name Required. Select a partner name from the drop-down list.
    Bank ID(Host ID) Required. Select a bank ID associated with the partner from the drop-down list.
    Bank URL Required. Select the required bank URL from the drop-down list. The selected URL is used to establish an HTTP or HTTPS session with the EBICS Banking Server.
    A request is sent to the bank to retrieve the details of the pending VEU orders.
  4. Click Advanced Search to specify additional search criteria for VEU management orders in the Order Submission page.
  5. If the response from the bank is delayed, click Cancel.
  6. Click Reset to re-enter the search criteria.