Configuring EBICS Client

You must configure EBICS Client in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Before you begin

Complete the configuration of trading partner, user account, mailboxes, and certificates in Sterling B2B Integrator listed in the Configuration Prerequisites topic.

About this task

You can configure EBICS Client in the following sequence:


  1. Configure existing Sterling B2B Integrator user as EBICS Client user.
  2. Create a bank profile to include the EBICS host information.
  3. Create an offer and associate it with a bank.
  4. Associate file formats with the offer.
  5. Assign user permission to users to sign and submit the orders.
  6. Initialize users using one of the following methods:
    • Submit an H3K order.
    • Use INI and HIA together.
      • Submit INI and HIA orders.
      • Generate and sign initialization letters of INI and HIA. Mail the signed letters to the bank.
    For more information, see Initializing a User.
  7. Use the HPB system order type to download the public certificates of the bank.
  8. Validate the hash value of the certificates received from the bank.
  9. Submit an order.
  10. View status of events, orders, and pending tasks.