HPB order type

Using the HPB order type, the EBICS Client user downloads the public certificates of the bank.




HPB is a download key management order type. The user submits an HPB order request to download the public certificates of the bank. After successful validation of the user's authentication and identification keys, the bank sends an HPB response. The HPB response contains the public bank keys. The user validates the bank keys against the internally generated hash values. After successful validation, the status of the bank changes to Activated, indicating that the partner and its associated users can now transact with the bank.

The order data is compressed, encrypted, and base64-encoded. The response message and the order data are not signed.


Table 1. HPB parameters
Parameter Description and value
HostID The bank ID or the host ID of the bank to which the EBICS Client user submitted the order. It is a unique ID for the bank in the bank's system.
HostUrlAlias When configuring a bank profile, you can specify multiple host URLs and set one host URL as the default. If you want to send a request to a host URL that is not the default URL, then, specify a value for this parameter.
PartnerID The partner ID associated with the user ID.
UserID Unique ID of the user in the bank's system, which corresponds to the user created in the EBICS Client dashboard.
SystemID User ID of the technical user. A technical user is a delegate of the non-technical or human user.
orderIdPrefix EBICS Client allocates a unique order ID to each order based on the bank, user ID, and the order type. The client generates the order ID as per EBICS specifications. The order ID is a 4-digit alphanumeric ID. You can specify the first character of the order ID. The second, third, and fourth characters of the order ID are alphanumeric in an ascending order (A-Z or 0-9).

This parameter is used with EBICS protocol version H003 only.

SecurityMedium A 4-digit security number in the 0100 to 0499 range. The value cannot be changed for INI, HIA, and HPB order types. The security medium for the subscriber’s bank-technical key is set to 0000 since HPB orders neither require electronic signatures nor transmit bank-technical subscriber keys.
OrderType The order type of the order you are submitting. In this case, HPB is the order type.

XML schema

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<orderMetaData xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"