Creating a custom service

You can create and view the list of newly created custom services when Sterling B2B Integrator is installed using the Docker image.

Before you begin

You must set up the Liberty Application Server.

For more information, see B2B REST APIs

About this task

To create a custom service:


  1. Select Customization > Customization. Click the Click Here To Access link. In the Customization login screen, enter the User Name and Password and click Login.
  2. Click Custom Service. The Custom Service list page is displayed.
  3. Click Create CustomService.
  4. Specify the field settings:

    Field Name


    Service Name

    Required. Unique name of the custom service.


    Optional. Description of the custom service.

    Force Package

    Optional. Package for the given service is forced or not.

    Skip Factory Setup

    Optional. Factory Setup for the given service is selected or not.

    Skip Java Docs

    Optional. The Java Doc for the given service is selected or not.

    Skip Xapi

    Optional. The X API for the given service is selected or not.

    Test Deploy

    Optional. The custom service needs to be tested for deployment or not.

    Compressed Warning

    Optional. The warning for the given custom service needs to be compressed or not.

    File Required. Click Browse to select the JAR file
  5. Click Save CustomService to save the new custom service. The newly added custom services are displayed in the Custom Service list page.