Setting up an HTTP server adapter for EBICS

An HTTP Server adapter instance is used to receive the incoming EBICS requests and will initiate a business process to start processing the EBICS transactions.

About this task

By default, an HTTP Server adapter instance (EBICS Http Server Adapter) is auto-configured for handling EBICS requests. The HTTP Server adapter instance has a URI mapped to the business process.

The URI /ebicsrequest is the default URI specified in the EBICS HTTP Server Adapter. To configure a new URI:


  1. From Sterling File Gateway, select Tools > B2B Console.
  2. From the Admin console, select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  3. Next to Create New Service, click Go!
  4. From the tree directory, select HTTP Server Adapter and click Save.
  5. Click Next. Type a name and description for your EBICS HTTP Server Adapter instance.
  6. Click Next. Enter a port number and Total Business Process queue depth threshold. Enter 0 for an unlimited queue depth threshold.
  7. Click add next to New URI. Type the desired URI.
  8. Select Business Process under Launch a BP Or WAR.
  9. Set Send Raw Messages to No.
    Note: The newly configured URI and the HTTP Server port number must match the host URL of the bank's profile.