Determining System and Hardware Requirements

Before you start installing, ensure that your operating system and hardware meet the published system requirements, and any requirements specific to your customized implementation.

To approximate your system requirements, determine the processes, components, and transaction volume required for your implementation. IBM® personnel are available to assist you in this effort.

For information about the minimum requirements, see the Sterling B2B Integrator System Requirements document.

Size Requirements

System size is the volume of activity your system can support. The size is computed based on processing speed, RAM (random access memory), CPUs (central processing units), and amount of free disk space available.

When planning your implementation, remember that although the published minimum size requirements support the Sterling B2B Integrator, they may not support for any increase in capability required by the particulars of your implementation, such as the number of transactions processed and the amount of data transferred.

Your implementation may include one or more test environments in addition to the production environment. Running a test environment is recommended because Sterling B2B Integrator enables you to bundle the work from the test environment and migrate it to the production environment when you are ready.