Before using MigrateMsgsToGlobalMbx

The MigrateMsgsToGlobalMbx business process is part of the migration process from Sterling B2B Integrator to IBM® Global High Availability Mailbox. There is preparation that is required in Global Mailbox before the MigrateMsgsToGlobalMbx business process in run in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Before you begin

Complete the procedure Preparing for migration in Global Mailbox.This business process must be run by a Sterling B2B Integrator system administrator with a virtual root of /, or no virtual root.

About this task

Before you use the MigrateMsgsToGlobalMbx business process, you must complete the following tasks:


  1. Using the worksheet created in Preparing for migration, locate the resources in Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Create a Sterling B2B Integrator export file containing traditional mailboxes specifically selected for message migration.
    For more information, see Import and Export Trading Partner Data.

What to do next

Run the business process with the export file as the primary document to migrate messages in the mailboxes. See MigrateMsgsToGlobalMbx business process