JMS 1.1 Pool Shutdown

The JMS 1.1 pools created by the JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection Session service or the JMS Async adapter can be shut down by running a business process and specifying the pool name or using the JMX Monitoring and Management Console.

Business Process Example: Shut Down a Pool

A simple business process containing the following services can be used to shut down JMS pool.

Start > JMS 1.1 Release Connection And Session Service > Stop

For example, select the pool from POOL_LIST or SEGMENTED_POOL_LIST (if the pool was created using custom class loading) and select the release action as SHUTDOWN POOL in JMS 1.1 Release Connection and Session service.

The shutdown in SEGMENTED_POOL_LIST can also be used if you plan to just change the custom class loading jars in the folder without configuring a new instance. Stop any adapter services using this pool, shut down this pool and the put the new jars in the location.