Import and Export Trading Partner Data

Export trading partner data to create a file in one system that you can import in another system to create the same records in both systems. You can use this method for multiple Sterling B2B Integrator systems or for multiple IBM® Global High Availability Mailbox systems.

Sterling B2B Integrator provides several utilities to help you:

  • Convert and import trading partner data.
  • Import a file containing document envelopes or control numbers (or both) from the command line.
  • Import document envelopes without control numbers so you can keep your test and production systems synchronized. The document envelopes are imported but the sequential control numbers from the production system (the system to which the envelope is being imported) are used.
  • Export trading partner data

Sterling B2B Integrator uses two types of control numbers: local, in which the control number is contained in the partner envelope, and global, which references a control number outside of the envelope (a control number that many envelopes can reference).

You can import trading partner data into Sterling B2B Integrator by using any of the following:
  • Resource Manager (Administration Menu > Deployment > Resource Manager)
  • Basic Import Utility (Command Line)

You can export trading partner data using a command line script. This is the preferred method when exporting large amounts of data, as it exports the data directly to the file system instead of saving the output file in memory.