Globalization Support

Sterling B2B Integrator supports multiple languages and multiple regional data formats by using encoding and XML resource bundles.

Encoding is the representation of data in a particular character set. A character set is a list of characters (letters, numbers, and symbols such as #, $, and &) that are recognized by computer hardware and software. A string of numbers represents each character.

Sterling B2B Integrator supports specific encoding sets for double-byte character set (DBCS) languages to facilitate correct handling and display of languages that have more than the 256 ANSI-supported characters.

XML Resource Bundles are groups of XML properties packaged together for easy deployment. Sterling B2B Integrator handles displaying screens, messages, and reports in a specific language using resource bundles. Each supported language has a separate XML resource bundle containing the XML properties to localize the date and time, numbers, and currency formats to a specific country or regional format.

For a list of supported languages, see Translation Overview