Sample Operating System Level Failover: Initiating Failure from Cluster Administrator

You can initiate failure from Cluster Administrator.


  1. From the cluster administrator, bring this resource online and wait for at least three minutes. Start Internet Explorer and specify the URL (similar to the following: http://<cluster-name>:xxxxx/ws) and verify that Sterling B2B Integrator is working correctly. Verify there are no errors in the Event viewer application log and system log.
  2. Go to the install_dir\install\bin directory on machine 1 and issue a hardstop command. Wait several minutes to see the status of the Cluster administrator. It should say online pending - back to online.
  3. Check the logs on the primary node to see if Sterling B2B Integrator is shut down on machine 1. Check the services on machine 1 (primary node) to see if they have stopped.
  4. Check the cluster administrator status and see if it is back to online. Go to machine 2 (secondary node) and verify that the services have started. You can also check logs to see if Sterling B2B Integrator is up and running without any errors on machine 2.
  5. Go to http://cluster IP:port/ws to see if you can log in and do operations.
    Sterling B2B Integrator has now failed over to secondary node (node2)
  6. You can repeat the procedure on machine 2 (secondary node) - issue a hardstop command, and see if it fails back to machine 1 (primary node).