When to Configure Services for Business Process Models

Generally, you can configure service parameters either during initial service configuration in Sterling B2B Integrator interface, or during business process creation using the GPM. You can modify service configuration parameters at any time.

The services you include in your business process model may require configuration in order for your process to run correctly. You configure some parameters in Sterling B2B Integrator interface (this is called creating a service configuration), some in either the interface or the GPM, and some exclusively in the GPM. A few require manual editing in the BPML code. The reference documentation for each service describes the parameters for the service and indicates where to perform the parameter configuration.

About Refreshing the Service Configurations in the GPM

If you are working in the GPM and you use Sterling B2B Integrator interface to change the configuration for a service, you must select View > Refresh Services to update the GPM with your modified service configuration.