Graphical Process Modeler Startup

The first time you start the Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) on a given computer, you must do so from within the Sterling B2B Integrator user interface. This initiates the GPM installation on that client PC.

Note: Each time you start the GPM, Java™ Web Start checks for a connection to the Web server to determine whether a new version of the GPM is available. When a new version is available, Java Web Start automatically updates the files on the client computer and opens the GPM.
Any time after the initial GPM startup, you can start it in either of the following ways:
  • Inside the Sterling B2B Integrator User Interface

    The GPM is started from a selection made from the Sterling B2B Integrator user interface. Both the GPM and your network connection to Sterling B2B Integrator are open. You must log into the GPM using your Sterling B2B Integrator User ID and Password. You have complete functionality.

  • Outside of Sterling B2B Integrator

    The GPM is started from a client PC locally. This is known as “working offline.” You do not log in to Sterling B2B Integrator, and the GPM cannot interact with Sterling B2B Integrator. You still must log into the GPM using your Sterling B2B Integrator User ID and Password. You have restricted functionality.

Note: The offline GPM mode is only possible if the Sterling B2B Integrator instance is inaccessible over the network. If network connectivity exists, then the online mode is the only option.

The ability to work in the GPM without starting Sterling B2B Integrator offers you the convenience of creating and modifying business process models without requiring a network connection. Because your business process models save directly to your hard drive, you can work on them at your convenience and at remote locations, and then check them in to Sterling B2B Integrator later, after you log in.

Because the GPM and Sterling B2B Integrator can interact (such as when you update the service stencils in the GPM), working in the GPM from outside Sterling B2B Integrator involves the following restrictions:
  • You cannot refresh (update from Sterling B2B Integrator) the services listed in the GPM stencils
  • You cannot check business process models into or out of Sterling B2B Integrator)

Plan ahead before you work offline in the GPM. For example, if you will need any new service configurations, you must create them in Sterling B2B Integrator and refresh the services in the GPM (select View > Refresh Services) before you shut down Sterling B2B Integrator and work offline in the GPM.

Similarly, if you plan to modify an existing process model, you must check it out while Sterling B2B Integrator is running, before you shut it down and work offline in the GPM.