Installing third-party jars using CLI

If you have installed Sterling B2B Integrator using Docker and have a third-party jars of size greater than 2 GB, you must install the jars using the command line utility.

If the size of the jar file is less than 2 GB, you can install it from the UI.

Note: If you install a jar from the UI, it is saved in the database. If you install a jar from the CLI, it is not saved in the database and you must re-install the jar in case the Docker container is removed/deleted.
To install a third-party jar using the command line utility, complete the following steps:
  1. Copy the jar file into the Docker container by using he following command:
    docker cp <jar_location> <container_id>:<jar_location>

    For example:

    docker cp /opt/db2jcc4.jar b2bi:/ibm/

    where /opt/db2jcc4.jar is the location of the jar that is to be installed, b2bi is the container ID, and /ibm/ is the destination path.

  2. Access the Docker container file system by running the following command:
    docker exec -it <container_id> /bin/bash
  3. Navigate to the /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ directory.
  4. Run the following command: /
  5. You can also run the following command without accessing the Docker container file system to install the jar:
    docker exec -it b2bi /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ vendorName vendorVersion 
    <-j | -l | -p | -r | -d > filelist [-targetJVM EVERY | NOWHERE | DCL | OPS | APP | AGENT | ACTIVEMQ] 
    [-uninstall] [-nodeploy]
    For example:
    docker exec -it b2bi_test /ibm/b2bi/install/bin/ 
    temp 1 -j /ibm/db2jcc4.jar -targetJVM DCL

    where /ibm/db2jcc4.jar is the location where the custom jar was copied in step 1.