Provided Dashboard Panes at Login

The panes that display by default at login differ according to your user account settings and product component licensing.

The standard Sterling B2B Integrator dashboard interface displays as follows, provided dashboard settings have not been modified:

  • The system administrator has the Admin Console and Operator panes.
  • General users have only the Admin Console pane.
  • Advanced File Transfer Suite users have the Admin Console and Advanced File Transfer panes, according to the single theme available for that component that has been assigned by their administrator.

Users of different editions of Sterling B2B Integrator, such as the AS2 Edition, have a standard display with only an edition-specific home pane, but these dashboards display by default at login to the edition and are not tied to dashboard themes.

Regardless of your configuration, clicking a tab links you to its associated pane. Tabs to panes for which you do not have access do not display.