Document Tracking Initialization

The Tracking Identifier (Tracking ID) uniquely identifies a business document during its life cycle in Sterling B2B Integrator. This ID is the key to constructing document relationships and history.

Once you have enabled document tracking for a business process, tracking information is carried with the document (via the tracking record, which functions like a document attachment) from that point forward.

The document tracking initialization process consists of several steps:
  1. Verifies if document tracking is enabled.
  2. Searches for an existing document tracking record (one may have been generated by a service or adapter) and configure it for the document for the business document. If a Tracking ID:
    • exists, it returns a reference to the tracking record.
    • does not exist, it generates a new document tracking record and attaches it to the business document.
  3. Attempts to collect additional information about the document using the document Information Discovery feature.
Note: By default, the Information Discovery feature is disabled. You can enable it by setting the property to true in the /install_dir/properties/ file or force Information Discovery by using the Document Tracking Service, which provides the capability to track additional information about the document as it moves through its life cycle, when you request it.