Pending Signatures

Depending on the configuration settings that are defined in an offer, multiple signatories might have to sign the order to process the order data.

If an order is submitted for processing without all the required signatures, EBICS Client does not process the order. Pending signature notifications are sent to the mailboxes of the concerned signatories requesting them to attend to the order. The Pending signature page opens for a user with orders pending to be submitted or signed when the user logs in to the EBICS Client dashboard interface. The following statuses are displayed against an order:

Pending, Sign
The order is pending and needs to be signed.
Pending, Submit
All the required signatures are obtained, and the order needs to be submitted.

Hardware key token for personal signature

EBICS Client supports Hardware Signature Module (HSM) for Electronic Signatures (ES). If hardware security key for ES is configured for a user, the Electronic Signature window opens after the user clicks on Sign. The user has to provide appropriate hardware security key information to sign the order. Currently, EBICS Client supports Hardware Signature Module using 3SKey only. You must enable Java version 1.6_24 or greater in the browser for the Hardware Signature Module applet to open.