How do I retrieve data from a service status report?

You can use the XPath function called Status_Rpt to get data from a service's status report and put it into process data.

About this task

Add the following assign statement to the service configuration in the GPM or directly to the BPML code:

<assign to="." from="Status_Rpt('Report')"></assign>

where the "Report" value can be any name. It is used for the name of the node in process data for the report. The status report will be written to process data under this node. The following example shows BPML for the input message that includes the assign statement to get the status report:

<input message="Xin">
<assign to="." from="*"></assign>
<assign to="." from="Status_Rpt('Report')"></assign>

DOMToDoc can also be used in conjunction with the Status_Rpt function to write the information to a document instead of process data.