Modifying Read-Only Parameters in the GPM

At times, you may need to modify service parameters but find that they display as read-only in the Graphical Process Modeler Service editor.

About this task

Some service parameters that are configurable in both Sterling B2B Integrator interface and the GPM display as read-only in the Service editor if you configured them in the interface prior to working with them in the GPM.

The GPM enables you to override these preconfigured settings so that you can modify the parameters. To enable the parameters to be changed in the GPM:


  1. From the Options menu, select Preferences.
  2. Select the Service Editor tab.
  3. Select Override Default Service Configuration Values and click OK.

    If the Service editor is already open when you complete these steps, you must exit the Service editor (right-click the Editor tab and select Close Editor Tab) and then re-display the Service editor for the change to take effect (double-click the service icon in the workspace).