Prepare zSeries Trading Partner Data for Conversion

Before you convert trading partner data for import, you should prepare the data.

About this task

Before you convert the trading partner data, complete the following steps:


  1. Create the setup environment. This procedure creates the zos_partners directory used for the transferred partner files and creates a customized version of the script ( that you will use to execute the conversions. The customized script will contain all of the conversion parameters, saving you the task of entering them at the command line.
    Complete the task that is appropriate to your installation:
    • If converting to a UNIX-based system, enter: /install_dir/tp_import/ -setup
    • If converting to a Windows-based system:
      1. Navigate to the /install_dir/ directory.
      2. Create a directory named zos_partners.
      3. Enter: /install_dir/tp_import/mfconvert.cmd -setup
  2. Transfer the zos_partcopy.jcl file to a mainframe JCL library.
  3. Clean up the file structure:
    • Review the partner file structure.
    • Delete any partners that are not needed after the conversion.
  4. Customize the partcopy.jcl. Use this JCL to extract your partner files and FTP them to the zos_partners directory created in step 1. This step:
    • Renames the records files using the .par, .icn, .ocn, and .crf extensions to prepare them for conversion.
    • Copies the Partner VSAM files to sequential files (partcopy JCL).
    • FTPs the sequential files to the zos_partners directory (partcopy JCL).


You can now convert the trading partner data.