Prepare UNIX Trading Partner Data for Conversion

Before you convert trading partner data for import, you can prepare the data.

About this task

Before you convert trading partner data, complete the following steps:


  1. Prepare the document envelope for overdue time limit on outbound data requiring acknowledgment.
    To enable the utility to convert the overdue time limit on outbound trading profile data that requires an acknowledgment, you must create the appropriate document envelope. When creating the document envelope, request an acknowledgement and specify the amount of time, in hours, within which you must receive the acknowledgment.
  2. Unload the files to convert.
    From Sterling Gentran:Server for UNIX, unload the organization, trading partner, and code data that you plan to convert, and save the files that make up the data (org.unl, tp.unl, and generic.unl files). For more information, see the Sterling Gentran:Server for UNIX documentation.
    Note: To ensure that you convert the most current data, perform this unload function immediately before running the utility.
  3. Copy the org.unl, tp.unl, and generic.unl files to the following conversion directory: /install_dir/install/tp_import/gentran/source
  4. Edit the conversion properties file.

    To enable the utility to convert a generic.unl file:

    1. Navigate to /install_dir/install/tp_import/gentran.
    2. Edit the file.
    3. Locate the property.
    4. Change the quantity value for the property from 2 to 3 so that the property looks like this:
  5. Determine if you are converting EDIFACT trading partner data:




    Skip this step.


    Enable the utility to convert the EDIFACT decimal separator character:
    1. Use Sterling B2B Integrator to create an EDIFACT outbound Syntax 4 UNB/UNZ envelope.
    2. Specify the envelope properties to use non-standard delimiters.
    3. For the decimal separator, indicate the character to use to identify different CII multi-details.


You can now convert the trading partner data.