Wizard Pages and Navigation Buttons

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator uses wizard pages to guide you through the steps involved in your procedures, such as configuring services and adapters, creating trading profiles and user accounts.

Wizards present fields in sets on a progressive series of interface pages. The fields are used to collect information on configuration, such as a trading profile. Each of the wizard pages, which progress in a logical order, comprises a set of fields and navigation buttons. After you enter the data for the first set of fields in a page, you click a navigation button, such as Next, to progress to the next page. This process continues until you complete the steps involved in a given task. For example, when you select Business Processes > Manager from the Administration Menu, the Business Process Manager page is displayed. By clicking Go! adjacent to the words Create Process Definition you start the related wizard page flow, in this case, the Business Process flow.

The first page in the Business Process wizard requires you to enter the relevant information and therefore presents a set of navigation and task buttons that you must use to navigate within the wizard and eventually save the required data.

All the wizard pages in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator use navigation and task buttons in the same manner, as shown in the following figure:

In this example, the Back button is inactive because this is the first page of a wizard. The Save button is inactive because you have not yet reached a point in the configuration at which you can save the data. Similarly, on the last page of a wizard, the Next button is inactive. To complete a configuration, click Finish. The system displays Finish and not Save in the last page of a wizard.

As you progress through the various procedures in the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator wizards, you may find that you have to confirm or change the settings you entered in a previous page. The Back and Next buttons enable you to navigate freely among the pages in the flow, while saving the data you entered. At any time, you can click Cancel to exit the wizard without saving new or modified data.

When you click Finish to complete a configuration, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator displays a message indicating that the system is updated with the information, and a Return button. Clicking Return displays the page from which you initiated the wizard.

The system also displays the Return button on pages that enable you to view a list or table of information, such as user account names or trading partner profiles, or detailed information accessed through a link or table. Clicking Return always exits the current page and displays the page from which you navigated to the information.

When you navigate the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator interface, use the navigation tools in the interface instead of the Web browser's Back and Forward arrow buttons. Using the Back and Forward arrow buttons may cause errors.