Setting up AS2 relationship on a Certified Container setup

You can set up an AS2 relationship between an organization and a partner if you install Sterling B2B Integrator using Certified Containers.

There is no change in the process of creating the relationship if you select the options Store AS2 Messages in Mailbox or Invoke Business Processes Directly. But, If you select the option Store AS2 Messages in File System, you need to follow these additional configuration steps to transfer the files from one Trading Partner outbound to another Trading Partner inbound:

Important: You need to mount AS2 messages to an external location. The AS2 messages are stored in the file system inside pods or containers. To access these messages from the host file system, you need to mount the internal directories to an external location.


You need to create an additional persistence volume . For more information, see Setting up PersistentVolume(s).


  1. Configure extraPVCs in values.yaml based on the adapter configuration on ASI, AC or API.
  2. Enter the name, storage class, and size in values.yaml.
        - name: "as2adapter"
          storageClassName: "standard"
            label: "intent"
            value: "as2"
          accessMode: ReadWriteMany
          size: 500Mi
        - name: "extra-as2"
          mountPath: /ibm/as2partner
    Note: The label and the corresponding value and storageclassname of the persistence volume must match with the values in extraPVCs of values.yaml.
    In the above example:
    label: "intent"
    value: "as2"
    storageClassName: "standard"
  3. Provide the directory path to store the AS2 messages when creating the AS2 relationship.
    • Collection Folder:/ibm/as2partner/{{as2ORG}}/{{as2partner}}/outbound
    • Extraction Folder:/ibm/as2partner/{{as2ORG}}/{{as2partner}}/inbound
    • Error Log Folder:/ibm/as2partner/{{as2ORG}}/{{as2partner}}/error
    Note: This path (/ibm/as2partner) must match with the path given in extraVolumeMounts in the values.yaml file.