Determine if you must apply a Fix Pack

Fix Packs contain cumulative fixes for a specific version of Sterling B2B Integrator.

Fix packs are available on the IBM Fix Central web site. Because each fix pack contains the fixes from previous fix packs, you only need to install the most recent fix pack. For more information, see Downloading installation items.

Fix packs are named using the following naming convention: si_<release number>_<build number>.jar

Before you install the fix pack, review the following items:

  • Preserve your custom changes to system resources.
  • The installation may use one or more property override files. These files will be named <propertyFile>_<patch>.properties. Do not alter these files.
  • Property changes made directly in *.properties or * files may be overwritten during the installation. Properties overridden using the file are not affected. IBM recommends that you maintain property file changes using (when possible) the file. For more information about this file, refer to the property file documentation.
  • If you edited any of the cdinterop files, you must back them up before applying the fix pack. The cdinterop files do not have initialization ( *.in ) files. After applying the fix pack, use the backup version of the files in your installation. These files include the following files:;;; and
  • Information about the installation is automatically logged to \<install_dir>\logs\InstallService.log for Windows and /<install_dir>/logs/InstallService.log for Linux.
  • If you need to rollback a fix pack, see the Fix Pack Change Report.